Music Reviews

Sep 12 2003
Title: Outermission
Format: CD
Label: Funk Welten (@)
Enfusion (Torben Schmidt and Alfred Gregl) play nice electronica with a spacy touch. Ear-friendly rhythms coupling with ethereal melodies, relaxing and unobtrusive. Kind of Boards of Canada minus all the "difficult" parts and a more retro-ambient slant. This could be a good point if you really like this style, otherwise it could become a defect. The matter is, it's very well done but it's just NICE - it works while you're at it (generally doing something else), but leaves you no scratches at the end. So you forget what it sounds like. There's a kind of extra-polished modern-design-electronica feel (something common to all Funkwelten releases) which leaves me a bit cold. Anaemic chill out.

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