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Artist: Seba
Title: Nothing Can Replace (John B remix)/Too Much Too Soon (Blu Mar Ten remix)
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Secret Operations (@)
Rated: *****
Two of my favorite tracks from Seba's masterpiece Identity has been givn to a couple of two bass masters by Secret Operations and in spite of the gruelling make-up on the original versions, I think that Seba followers won't dislike the final result. The most difficult task was the one assigned to well-known producer John B - mainly known for being the owner of Beta Recordings and its constellation of labels (Tangent, Chihuahua, Nu Electro) as well as for his recurring crossbreeds of trance-oriented sonorities -, who turned the lovely "Nothing Can Replace", which featured the great voice by Kirsty Hawkshaw, into a massively shaking bass-driven bomb, which could surmise the heavy stabs that Chase'n'Status often inject in their declension of d'n'b. The approach by Blu Mar Ten on "Too Much Too Soon", another great liquid shot on "Identity", has been less invasive, as they opted for maximum harmosation between daydreaming halo of the original input - they didn't modify or slice original vocals - and bouncy rolling breaks by means of occasional nebulisation on sounds, which already were quite crystalline, and more hits, which didn't transfigure the effectiveness of Seba's track.

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