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Artist: Dreadmaul (@)
Title: Blood Magic EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Boundless Beatz (@)
Rated: *****
The words of the opening "Voodoo", which seem to have been taken from the first chapter of a novel I found on an electronic community, set the mood for the listening of this awesome and somehow gloomy release by German young dnb producer Dreadmaul: "There descended once upon our land a time of darkness and chaos. Fires destroyed our forests, the Oceans went wild, and the heavens forgot how to make rain. Pregnant women gave birth to goats and not babies. Waterholes dried up. The ground became like stone. There was no harvest. Mothers went mad watching their children die of hunger. Fights broke out among our people. Everyone looked for someone to blame for the disasters. The Elders gathered desperate for a solution. They found none and the suffering continued. One day a woman appeared. She was a wise woman guided by two leopards. She looked upon our land of darkness and chaos and told our king 'Your suffering will end only when you worship as we do, the gods of voodoo.". Such a preface could let you foretaste the style he digs, where Upbeats-like dark atmosphere perfectly matches fireballs of haunting tribal drums, sinister low frequencies and gothic sonic entities that reappear on the following "Bloodbath", whose title could let you imagine the content of the words by another voice-over, which speaks over stunning bass-driven thunderclaps, but the real percussive pearl of "Blood Magic" comes on the following "Volcano", whose hitting vibe got built according to a technique that its forger called 'reverse sidechain' - he just increased volume on every hit of the sidechained signal instead of reducing it -. The final "Shutter", whose sonorities could vaguely surmise the thrilling combination of breakcore and IDM that came from another (inactive at the moment) old German act, Beefcake by Gabor Schablitzki and Volker Kahl, is the last menacing black cloud of this excellent release.

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