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Artist: Sistema
Title: Ego EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Factor City
Rated: *****
Even if Manuel Ruiz, the dj - formerly known by his viral moniker Dj Ebola - behind Sistema, is a veteran of vibrant Catalan scene, speaking of an electronic underground scene as a standalone one could be a long shot, as tha scene mainly absorbed the sound of other scenes in order to forge sometimes interesting reworkings thanks to a lively interest on different branches of electronic music that got fostered by worldwide known festivals. The sound that Manuel pumped into this recent release for Factor City feature this attitude, so that I won't say it's ingenious, but I won't say he can't handle some sonorities in a brilliant way: you might, for instance, notice some similarities of the opening "Ego" to late 90ies German chilled trance or Mike Paradinas' first outputs, as well as some resemblances of some synth-pop and electro-house stuff of the well-balanced acid house groove and the celestial vocoders on the following "Run", the soothing "Seiscuarenta" and the melodic techno of "Freeze", but you won't say the listening experiences that this Spanish producer provides are not pleasant at all. The final remix of "Ego" by Barcelona-based duo The Suicide Of Western Culture, whose solarization of the original version by means of over reverbed echoes which could resemble some stuff by Fuck Buttons or Digitonal, is likewise enjoyable.

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