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Artist: Marsen Jules (@)
Title: Marsen Jules at GRM
Format: CD
Label: Oktaf (@)
Rated: *****
Some unforgettable cosmic journeys by his late compatiot Pete Namlook could come to listener's mind while listening to this release by Martin Juhles, the real name of Marsen Jules, who composed this little gem in a couple of weeks while staying in the legendary GRM-studios at Radio France in Paris. Lookign beyond any possible similarities, listeners can only but swaying his mind in this isolationist pleasure, a sort of ascension over string-driven glares whose symphonic tails gently vanishes on a wall of low-frequency sound, which creates the impression you are floating in the deep space. In order to render this 35-minutes lasting journey that he splitted in a couple of tracks, Martin followed the principles of Pierre Schaeffer, the founder of the "Groupes de Recherches Musicales", and notoriously one of the main composer of the so-called "Musique Concrete" movement, whose composition were mainly based on recorded sounds and sound manipulation. He managed to render a really immersive and relaxing listening experience.

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