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Artist: Wavemultiplier (@)
Title: 4040
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: clang (@)
Rated: *****
The recycle of any spillage or waste material is a praiseworthy activity at a time when environmentalism firmly became a mark of a civilized society. The beeping sound that you can hear on the opening track "0527" - each title got named after their length and you can easily guess the total running time is approximately 40 minutes and 40 seconds... -, which is close to the sound of echocardiographer for the monitoring of vital parameters of deeply comatose patients, could let you imagine Swedish composer and artist Marcus Wrango, the man behind Wavemultiplier's curtains, as a professional in between a committed environmentalist and a necromancer. By his own admission, he mainly fed his debut release, which got entirely composed and recorded in Blocc Studios in Stockholm, by means of raw sounds and the inspiration for "4040" mainly came from "the work with very clean recordings of sounds and music in electro-acoustic academia, where distortion and material artefacts often are treated as unwanted noise"...and Marcus doesn't didain that material at all: he inoculates a sine wave nd raw sounds into each track before processing them by cracks or refining in wills. The final result is an enjoyable collection of seven tracks where he riddles rhythmic noise and abstract techno in a manner which can be easily appreciated by followers of labels like Kvitnu or Raster Noton.

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