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Artist: Forenzics (@)
Title: Malign
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Forenzics could maybe sound like the name of a blues band of middle-aged lawyers, who embraced music in order to escape from a profession which is going to kill their soul, but actually, it's the name of one of the most interesting improvised experimental music act that I honestly ignored before I received "Malign", the recording of a one-take live recording with no overdubs or edits they made on 15th June 2012, and their musical soul is more lively than ever in spite of the fact they included meteoropathy and misanthropy in their sources of inspiration together with their musical equipment, but I won't say that these overtones should be considered as pejorative aspects or pointless mindsets. The opening track "A Dusk Service", where Joe Cummins' trumpet sounds closer to some hazy suites by Bohren & der Club of Gore while John Wilton's drumming could resemble the searching of the right wrench to repair a mysterious mechanical contraption in darkness of night during a black-out and Matthew Syres' electric guitar and Dirk Kruithof's fretless bass seem to emulate the welcomed first break of lights at dawn, and the following gloomy vagueness on "You're Entitled" set the listener's mood for further listening; the atmospheres of the above-mentioned Bohren & der Club of Gore or Erik Truffaz's style resurface on the long-lasting anaesthetic dilutions of "Stone Cold Crazies", where Joe's electronic trumpet hones the febrile neutrality of the other instruments and sounds like the lead character on the following "The Song Games", where it sounds like the drunk honk of a car, which got fuelled by opium, and the awesome "Acid Nekk", where its wheeze mirror a pile of percussive spasms, an almost flat mumbling bass tone and choking distorted rattles from guitars; it sounds like having been poisoned by echo before spreading the infection to other instrumental brothers of misfortune on "Cubists". The garbled numbness of "Hyponagogic" and the disquieting emptiness of "New Ambient Dark Matter" close this convincing release by this Australian fourtet, who includes Supersilent, John Hassell, early Sonic Youth, Necks - their brilliant compatriots -, Tortoise, Demlike Stare and two masterpieces by Miles Davis ("Bitches Brew" and "In A Silent Way") as possible musical references.

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