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Mar 17 2015
Artist: Lisfrank
Title: Elevator
Format: 12"
Label: Final Muzik (@)
Rated: *****
About five years ago I interviewed Fulvio Guidarelli about Lisfrank when Anna Logue released "Mask Rewind", a vinyl compilation of his 80s stuff. He told me that he was recording new tracks and finally we are able to give them a listen as "Elevator" is out now on Final Muzik as a limited red vinyl 180gm album. For this new album, Fulvio, used all his old analog gear and composed ten new tracks that have a classic 80s sound with a fresh flavour. I'll make some examples. "Anna O" sounds tense and dark but have also a danceable potential. I can picture the same people that dance to Alien Sex Fiend dancing to this one. "Joy's Room" is more intimate and melancholic but in a particular way, because there's always a certain beat... "Alternative Way" closes the A side with a sound that with a different production could recall the Ultravox of the "Vienna" era. The B side opens with the title track, a really nice dark instrumental that could be easily used as a soundtrack. "Resurrection" is another one that has a pop potential which with a different production could make me imagine Lisfrank on the cover of a Melody Maker magazine of the 80s. "Virtual Lovers" seems a mix of a Thomas Leer tune and one of The The as its melody isn't immediate but it's there, waiting to pop out on your mind whenever you aren't paying attention. With "Minimal People" we have that dancey attitude again but with a dark twist. "Light And Shade" closes the album and its kinda dilated and sounds like an early Bauhaus song played with electronic stuff. I hope that he won't wait other thirty years to record new stuff but for the moment enjoy "Elevator"! Fulvio has started playing live, so, if he's coming into your town don't miss him.

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