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Artist: Miles Tilmann / Larvae
Title: sub:702
Format: 7"
Label: Sub:Marine (@)
Sub:Marine records recently put out this nice little split disc featuring Chicago based Miles Tilmann on one side and Atlanta based duo Larvae on the other. Interestingly enough the two tracks have been written to complement each other as if one was a layer of the other track (hence they run at the same tempo). Windy city dude Miles' "Double" features mellow and harmonious electronica-ambient in warp style but with a personal touch, while the player duo's "Seclusion Dub" boosts cool sub frequencies and mid-range noise waveforms in line with Larvae's very own personal interpretation of dub-noise isolationism. The cute disc comes limited to 300 copies with hand-printed artwork and a lovely politically incorrect sticker by Slumber Inc. (

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