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Artist: Seba
Title: Inside Yourself / Berberian Sound
Format: 12"
Label: Secret Operations (@)
Rated: *****
One of the distinguishing feature of the esteemed Swedish dnb producer Sebastian Ahrenberg aka Seba over its 20-years lasting career is the unpredictable metamorphosis of his style, whose paradigm keeps on being clearly recognisable in spite of any changes. On this release, he adds two excellent tracks to his armoury of dnb spells and cursers: the title track "Inside Yourself" sounds like the solarization of his typical sound by entrancing atmospheres which swoop on listener's mind over echoed metallic hits, warm bumping and gentle cauterization of basslines, whose rapid pace got perfectly hamronised on the "liquid" patterns, while the sharpened beats, the sneaking bassline and the shadowy sonic entities, which could mirror imaginary hornet's nest inside clouds of dust during a desert storm, of "Berberian Sound" is the minimal precise cut on the flipside. Each track travels at about 160bpm, but you won't notice sonic sphere got blowed by such high velocity winds...

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