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Artist: Expo 70 (@)
Title: Frozen Living Elements
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Rated: *****
Instead of being presented as sort of obscure concept album this band simply 'plays their extended acid jams' and so the 70s, evoked in the band name, are the north star of this outfit that has a place in a tradition that starts with bands like Guru Guru with their jam sessions focused on guitar.
'Frozen Living Elements' starts quietly and develops slowly focusing on the guitar line while the rhythmic section marks the passing of time; so this track evolves as a sort of psychedelic, or krautrock, track. 'Curiosities of Levitation' is based, instead, upon guitar drones and synth in the first part and develops in a sort of sci-fi track typical of those years. 'Thunderbird Mound' closes this release focusing on the rhythmic section and the looping phrases of the guitar seldom developing in a melodic line in the first part but, slowly, the guitar starts to fully develop the melodic loop and ends this track submerging the musical spectrum.
This release is a strange one, compared to other Zoharum release, as it marks a departure to the usual dark ambient or experimental territories but, however, it's a sure pick for everyone accustomed to psychedelic or kraut music. Not for everyone but remarkable.

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