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Artist: Fred Bigot (@)
Title: La Voix de la Route
Format: 10"
Label: Les Disques En Rotin RĂ©unis/No School Today (@)
Rated: *****
There has always been a nuance in the sound of his notorious moniker Electronicat which could evoke the myth of the journey without destination, the prosaic and somehow angsty euphoric emptiness of road movies as well as some shadows of Neu! and other krautrockers that sound dipped into a sour electro acid cream and "Bon Voyage", the opening track of this release, seems to revisit that sound, but the whole release, the fourth manifestation of a project that followed a two-month lasting road trip across the USA
granted by Instut Francais's research 'Hors-les-murs' and Gayte Lyrique in Paris which included an amazing online sound report, an installation and a performance with Werner Hirsch, who simulated noises of engines and road trips by means of his voice and lungs. The most interesting and somewhat original part of the release comes after "Roule", the short track that closes A side and seems to mirror the unhinging of thoughts after too much time behind the wheels, comes on B side, whose three tracks - "The Last Wav", "Lost America", "Sample Trip" - have been placed on three parallel grooves, according to a technique that was firstly used by Jimmy Rogers in 1930, so that you won't really know which one will play when the needle will drive on the vinyl carriageway, which almost renders the idea of dreamy hermitage that got evoked by some notorious words by Jack Kerouac or Harry Crews. The release features the immaculate packaging by Arnaud Maguet's label as well as personal notes, sketches and snapshots by Bigot and his companions over the trip... Don't turn the headlights off!

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