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Artist: Veil of Light
Title: Ξ
Format: 12"
Label: Belaten
Rated: *****
Veil of Light is dark wave band/post punk (whatever this means'¦) from Zurich. This is a sort of goth rock album. Actually, it reminds me early Canaan. I mean a lot. Therefore, here we have minimal guitars, sad melodies, nice pads and lamenting vocals emerging from a far reverberated dimensions. The quality of the album is not completely homogeneous, in the sense that there are very good tracks (Pale Eyes, In Ruins, Falling Apart, Sleepless Nights) while others are completely meaningless (Xi, They Said, Shoulders). But I think that this band has a great potential: this band will surely improve its sound, the quality of its songs, and in the future the band will likely publish some very good albums. However the biggest concern is that Canaan did (and continue to do) this kind of stuff, and clearly much better than these guys (or it is a one manx band? I don't understand it). So the real question is: Why should I buy this album? I have already the whole Canaan's discography. It is not like in Black Metal, where people (me included) are constantly looking for the same old stuff, and bands playing black metal on the same line of Darkthrone or similar early bands are successful. Here I expect something peculiar, but at the moment Veil of Light still has to find its own identity. However, I'm still rating this album with three stars, because I enjoyed it overall.

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