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Artist: Jair-Rohm Parker Wells (@)
Title: Exquisit Noise
Format: CD
Label: Glass Tought Communications (@)
Exquisite and well-established Stockholm-based New York bass player Jair-Rohm Parker Wells is about to release his latest fatigue on his own label Glass Tought Communications records. Buckle up your seatbelt and get ready for some intense experimentation with noises and processed bass sounds (upright and electric). Dissonance, distortions, rumbles, drones and harmonies intermingling with each other in a symphony of abstract avanguardism and contemporary progressions of no-wave and musique concrete. This cat's talent goes beyond senseless noise and reaches new heights with an approach to noise-making that is quasi orchestral and quite grand in its nature. For example I like the fact that it's all so majestically reverberated and that you can actually hear where it all comes from (the electric or acoustic upright) and distinguish the origin of the sound, its sonic spectrum, its deep character and its palette of sounds. The different layers and parts interact with each other instead of simply adding dB's to your SPL. This whole thing is then taken to the next level by means of electronics, treating, processing, cutting, pasting, mixing etc. I am not a huge fan of noise-for-noise, but I believe this goes beyond and I must say I like this shit much better than a lot of other noise I've heard from the scene. He's got it all! If he only was a good looking tall blonde Swedish girl...

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