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Artist: Udo Schindler & Manon-Liu Winter (@)
Title: form & material
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
This is the second recording I introduce on this zine that the appreciated maximalist Portuguese label Creative Sources took from the vibrant house of Udo Schindler, after the one where his hospitable and brilliant owner met Austrian pianist Elisabeth Harnik, who performed on Udo's Pleyetl piano - already successfully tested by renowned musicians such as Hans Poppel, Masako Ohta, Katharina Weber, Izumi Ise and Alexa Montani - and it seems that it won't be the last release that came from his SALON fur Klang + Kunst for the aural pleasure of sonci diggers. Besides being a sort of intimate dandy place for experimental performers and musicians, Udo's salon is becoming a proper forge of fine soundscapes and the one he made together with another inventive Austrian pianist Manon-Liu Winter, who improvised a performance on 30th November 2012 after she accepted the invitation by Udo to join his salon after he got positively impressed by her performance with Franz Hautzinger at Kaleidophon Festival in 2009, is really amazing for the impressive versatility as well as for the bizarre techniques she tests in order to widen the performative and sonic possibilities of piano, which is evident since the opening track where the faintly feverish cadence of the first seconds suddenly turns into almost menacing smothered rumbles before sliding into a tricky delicate phrasing on the following track, which gradually twist along itself by getting a proper tonal tangle where Udo seems to do a series of ribbond by means of his soprano saxophone. The whole release is a carousel of musical suggestions, ranging from abstract meditations such as the narcotic fifth track to strange declensions of chamber music ("liudo 7", "liudo 4") and deviously eruptive moments such as the above mentioned second track till the wonderful final "liudo" where the seemingly exhausted performers manage to set a really breathtaking piece up.

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