Music Reviews

Artist: The P-Project
Title: Gravities
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
One of the most interesting diversion from the already wide stylistical range that the maximalist Portuguese label Creative Sources has recently provided comes from The P-Project, a German quartet by Peter "Worringer" Alexius (guitar, loops), Joe Hertenstein (drums), Sebastian Gramss (double bass...but he prefers to call its instrument spacebass, that is to say double bass with sympathetic strings -!- on this occasion) and sound designer Joker Nies (raw electronics) as even if they recorded nine real time improvisations with no overdubs, each track sounds somewhat more groovy than most of the stuff that come from Ernesto Rodrigues' imprint and their grooves are somehow parabolic of course: the funniest voices on "Gravities", needless to say, are the ones that Joker Nies, hose personal sonic equipment includes modified Texas Instruments games or enhanced toy keyboards, wisely inoculates as its electronic entities squeak like mad lemmings on the elegant "Never Ending", sound like weirdly gurgling over the bluesy guitar by Alexius on "Sweet Like Trouble", catalyse caddywhompus progressions like "See It Coming" or ""Shock Proof", lights up the slyly bizarre "You Know I Was Alone With Her" and other gonky moments of the record, hack up electronic phlegm on the two parts of "Forgotten Hollow" just like an intelligent prank or the non-sense wit in a Kumbaya meeting!

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