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Feb 17 2015
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Artist: Hot Guts
Title: Wilds
Format: 12"
Label: Avant!
Rated: *****
Hot Guts is a peculiar band from Philly (I lived there for almost ten months but didn't know about their existence'¦unfortunately). They started as a punk band and then they evolved into something quite unexpected from a punk band. I mean'¦bands today can have access to any kind of instrument without being rich, so these are amazing times to chart the development of quite traditional genre such as punk and to see what happens. Hot Guts say to play a sort of minimal electronics close to EBM with some tribal industrial and neofolk hints. Actually, I don't think it's an appropriate description. There is something more than simply 'minimal electronics' (whatever this means!). I think that the backbone of Hot Guts' songs is genuinely krautrock, that is a sort of 'cosmic music' open and somehow ethereal with interesting minimalist guitars. Clearly, this is not old fashioned krautrock, but it is a contemporary interpretation of that attitude. There are wise arrangements with samples providing the idea that songs are carefully designed from the first to the last second. Finally, the Neofolk touch: spoken worlds, or at least with a minimal tone. Therefore: krautrock with cutting edge instruments meets punk and Death in June. Fucking amazing! Produced by the interesting label Avant! Records on vinyl.

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