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Artist: Hexenschuss
Title: Hexenschuss
Format: 12"
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Formed by Assi Weitz at drums (already active with JAP, Gone Bald and Sophia) and Gil Luz at keyboards (already with Malka Spiegel and Mambas), Hexenschuss are a band that started their activity back in 2013, between Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. They self produced their first vinyl album at the end of the last year and after touring in Europe (with a participation at the Drill festival in Brighton in December), they will do another European tour in April. Anyway, let's talk about their self named album, now. It contains nine instrumental tracks that the duo describe as "moronic lines accompanied by progressive beats, seasoned with synths and effects". Personally, even if they claim to combine live electronics, psychedelic and post punk elements, I hear echoes of Carpenter's soundtracks as well as 90's post noise. The first time I listened to tracks like " Boulevards" or "Lambshake" honestly the first name that popped into my mind has been Slint. I know that Hexenschuss don't use guitars (even if here and there the distorted synth sounds recall that) but the atmosphere created that mix tension and a sort of cinematic appeal, was there, ready to be catched by my ears. The tracks are mid tempo energetic monsters that evolve little by little like a feeling of growing pain just to end with a blast and listening to the whole album different times in a row create a particular effect of suspension in time. They use melodies and rhythms but you aren't able to focus on them as you're floating into their magmatic sound ready to take another ride. Check it here

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