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Artist: INTO THE HOLE (@)
Title: Do You Want To Play With Me?
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Self Produced
Into The Hole has started as personal project of Alessandro Volpi in 1999. After some experiences with other bands, he decided to concentrate himself on his own music producing a couple of demos before this one. DO YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH ME? is his personal effort into bringing something different into the electronic scene. Even if this CD is an advance copy of a CD he's still preparing, the four tracks succeed into catching my attention (you know, sometimes when you listen to certain CDs, the instinct of preservation makes you want to skip on the following track). The melodies and the atmospheres are personal and they balance well tension and powerful sounds. Tracks like "Done" would catch the attention of N.I.N. lovers as well as electro goth ones. Mind that this is a pre-release and Alessandro is still working on the tracks. The last track "To Learn (From Who?)" is the weakest of the lot (only guitar and voice which doesn't succeed that much to create the right atmosphere) but I'm confident that Alessandro is working on this one... For the moment the thumb is up! :)

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