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Artist: Antivote (@)
Title: Visions of crime and pain
Format: CD
Label: Echozone (@)
Rated: *****
Antivote is a Dark Electro band from Zwickau, Germany, and 'Visions of crime and pain' is their debut album. Member are: Mirko Padubrin (Synths and Vocals), Ronny Lippold (Synths, Programming) and Sebastian Voigtmann (Percussion). In a nutshell, 'Visions of crime and pain' is a 49 minute exercise in low key dark electro gloom and doom. Think of :wumpscut: in mid-tempo EBM mode with a very depressed Rudy, and that ought to give you some idea. Mirko's vocals never rise above a hoarse whisper. Most lyrics are sung in English and are fairly intelligible, and of course, dystopian in theme. If for some reason you can't make them out, there is a nice twenty-page booklet with them in it you can refer to. The track with the most promise is "So far away" with good atmosphere and pacing on the verse. Too bad the hook did not deliver. This consistently plagues the album. "The childs of Carolagreen" has great atmosphere but fails in the hook department once again. For this kind of moody dark electro, you really have to the listeners more than nicely arranged minor chord progressions, if you want to be more than just "another one of those bands". Between Mirko's bland vocals and the lack of being able to pull off a really memorable chorus, everything begins to sound the same. Unfortunate, because there is potential here. I just don't believe they've realized it yet. While Antivote are a little reminiscent of early Project Pitchfork, they haven't got the pizzazz of that outfit. One thing is for sure, unless Antivote manages to come up with a killer track soon, they're going to end up being "another one of those bands".

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