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Artist: Hyperbubble (@)
Title: Attack of the Titans (Original Soundtrack)
Format: CD
Label: Pure Pop For Now People (@)
Rated: *****
Hyperbubble is an international visual and performing arts electropop/synthpop duo from San Antonio, Texas formed by Jeff DeCuir and Jess Barnett DeCuir, but you might already know that. They've been around since 1997. 'Attack of the Titans' is their sixth album, and it is the soundtrack to a movie by the same title (not to be confused with the Japanese manga series, 'Attack on Titan'). Unlike their previous 'Drastic Cinematic' album which was a soundtrack for a movie that didn't exist, 'Attack of the Titans' is an actual mini movie, or film short, and only seems to be available on Vimeo ( It was made for the 213 San Antonio 48 Hour Film Experience and is much shorter than Hyberbubble's CD soundtrack clocking in at 4:24. The film is done with puppets and children, and is pretty hokey; I've seen much better D-I-Y efforts on YouTube. Fortunately, Hyperbubble's soundtrack is much better than the amateurish "movie". The "Theme From the Attack of the Titans" is only 45 seconds long and has the manic nostalgic charm of themes from 1960's marionette-acted TV shows such as "Supercar", "Fireball XL5", "Stingray", and Thunderbirds" while sounding like none of them. This is the only track that has what could be considered song lyrics. Further on down the line we get dialogue samples from the movie, a track that sounds pretty industrial (1950's style alien tension with requisite wobbly theremin), synthpop instrumentals (sequencing and quirky lead lines), lots of programmed drums and percussion, more dialogue samples, a march tune, more frenetic synthpop instrumentals (the one with wordless female vocals I really kind of liked), etc. One track I thought was pretty neat was "Sky Smasher" with a Pink Floyd style spacey groove and vocoder vocals. Sort of like a minor version of Yellow Magic Orchestra. Likely the best thing on the album. The rest is more kitschy, 2-bit sci-fi oriented instrumentals. General impression- it's okay, but nothing that really made me want to put another quarter in the slot for a replay. I checked out their earlier material (hadn't heard it before) and found it much more appealing. Must be the POP element which is lacking here for the most part. I'm guessing they'll get back to that for their next release.

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