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Artist: Embers
Title: Kout
Format: 12"
Label: Enfant Terrible
Rated: *****
Described as containing "New Flemish folklore" by the label Enfant Terrible, "Kout" is the second MLP by a Belgian band called Embers. The only information I found on the net is their Facebook page which reported as members Steve Desmadrijl and Pieter Nolf, their city (Oudenbrugge) and a page on the Hospital Food Records website. Their music is described as post industrial and their influences include Coil, Swans, Sigmund Und Sein Freund, Calva Y Nada, Novy Svet, Faith No More, Pixies, Primus and Lhasa De Sela. Their newest MLP is available as a 12"+CD package and has six new tracks which mix acoustic/electric guitar, heavy drumming, a bit of analog synth rawness (check "Kwaad Bloed") and clanging noises. Their songs sound like a chant coming from an old haunted factory where demons are forging their weapons. Combining guitar riffs to noises, treated or shouted vocals and everything their imagination could suggest them to play after they hit the record button, Embers are able to mesmerize you with their music and you can check it here
If you are into Einsturzende Neubauten and aren't afraid to check something that has no rules but it's all instinct and pure energy, Embers are a band you have to try.

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