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Artist: Uncodified (@)
Title: Hardcore Methodology
Format: CD
Label: Old Europa Cafe/Elettronica Radicale Edizioni (@)
Rated: *****
This new release by Uncodified, the most abrasive brainchild by brilliant Italian sound artist Corrado Altieri, could turn pale with fear the most radical sonic scourges that shored power electronics and noise shapers scenes up. Even if there's a certain concordance with the most impetuous Japanese drill-men or some "noisists" from Cold Spring, Uncodified lets spurt gushes of creepy industrial sounds from his violent timpanic perforations by means of obsessive electronic tidal flows and streams of disturbing electrons that emulate the methodology of hardcore movies directors. Some vocal and sonic samples from hardcore movies have been inserted into the stubborn avalanches of wisely controlled noise since the initial "Welcome!"; in spite of the almost continuous rashes, which got occasionally interrupted as it occurs on "Catalagues", a track which features the collaboration of Gianluca Favaron, where the electrical storm got suddenly disrupted, or "Anterooms", the collaborative track with Bologna Violenta, where a motif that seems to come froman horrorific cabaret resounds from the magmatic mush, listeners will vividly perceive that flow costantly changes as if an inner balance of seemingly chaotic elements resounds from the heart of each virulent maelstrom that plough the deeper layers of aural tolerance on the violent discharges of "Methodology 2", "Complete Actress" (featuring Caligula 031), the vicious "Preparatory Study" (feat.Gianluca Favaron) or the dreadful trephination on "Dubbing" - one of the two collaborative tracks with Paola Bandera's Sshe Retina Stimulants and dives into magnetic pools of post-industrial and dark-ambient on tracks like the increasingly disturbing "Cotton Pads" or "Summer Instructions" - both of them comes from the firm friendship with Simon Balestrazzi - or "The Teachers" - the other collaborative track with Bandera -. Altough the creative supply of his collaborators cannot be underrated, Corrado achieves outstanding quality standards of noiseshaping on this output.

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