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Jan 14 2015
Artist: Nanovoice (@)
Title: I Sell Sex
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Nanovoice is German band comprised of Mils - rapper, singer, songwriter/composer, show design, video production & visual effects; Sklas- singer, songwriter, composer & booking; Velroy- producer, composer, arranger & audio engineer; and Phillah- rapper, singer, songwriter, composer, video production & visual effects. Music is in the EBM/dark electro vein, with (you guessed it!) the rap component. It doesn't help that I don't much care for rap, no matter what musical stripe it's paired with. Well, okay, I did kind of like Nitzer Ebb back in the day, and that was sort of rap electro...good dance music but it gets old quickly. Add to that most of the rap lyrics by Nanovoice are done in German, and now I'm truly lost. But then again, we have the juxtaposition of Sklas's melodic voice, which although not particularly strong is very pleasant. She is most often relegated to supplementary parts, or the chorus vocals in English. From what I've seen of the videos on the band's website there is a strong fetish-sex/BDSM component to their visual presentation which permeates a good deal of their music as well. (The CD cover should have been a dead give-away.)

From the material on 'I Sell Sex' it's pretty obvious Nanovoice is a Berlin dark, decadent danceclub party band, intent on shocking their audience. I don't think it's shocking anyone inclined to give it a listen though, they're preaching to the perverted here. The music is decent dark electro, mostly synths and programmed beats, with the occasional dialogue sample thrown in for good measure. There are a few slower, ballad-type numbers, but the band is best when upbeat. I do like Sklas's voice, and she's even the sole vocalist on a few tracks. At least that adds some diversity. There are tracks where Mils sort of speak-sings the lyrics rather than raps, and this makes it a bit more palatable. Some songs are pretty catchy, but they'd be a lot more catchy if I could understand more than the chorus.

Bottom line, if you really want to appreciate this album, brush up on your Deutsche. And if the band wants to reach American audiences, sing/rap/speak in ENGLISH, for we are a still a mono-linguistic culture und das ist nicht etwa in absehbarer Zeit ändern, mein Freund.

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