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Artist: Reconnaissance Fly (@)
Title: Flower Futures
Format: CD
Label: Edgetone Records (@)
Rated: *****
Reconnaissance Fly is an avant garde outfit led by Polly Moller (voice, flute, bass flute, heat sink); Chris Broderick (c-melody sac, clarinet, bass clarinet); Amanda Chaudhary (electric piano, piano, organ, electronics); Larry the O (drums, percussion); and Tim Walters (bass, computer). The concept of the album, 'Flower Futures' involved taking what Polly thought was the best Internet spam poetry (or "spoetry", as she calls it), narrowing it down to 10, divvying them up to band memeber to set them to music. The result is a very mixed bag of eclectic strangeness, with some of the music being cabaret style, some jazz, some mild prog-rock, some semi-operatic, and a healthy does of the abstract. The result is the kind of peculiarity you might expect if Kurt Weill, Alfred Jarry and Frank Zappa got together and wrote a musical starring Mrs. Miller. Actually, it might be weirder than that. There is a point in track 5- "The Animal Trade in Canada" where the woodwinds actually sound like a flock of seagulls (the birds, NOT the new wave band). Polly sings most of the spoems in that faux operatic vocal style often found on early Mothers of Invention albums. Sometimes she speaks them with a dramatic flair, tongue stuck firmly in cheek. Mind you not all the music is abstract or even avant garde, but sooner or later it will go there. Compositions are divided between Polly and individual band members, so you're getting a lot of variety here. Mainstreamers won't care for this one iota. Dadaists will rejoice though. Recommended for buffs of the bizarre.

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