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Artist: Der Klinke (@)
Title: The Gathering of Hopes
Format: CD
Label: Echozone (@)
Rated: *****
Der Klinke is a Belgian band active since 2009. 'The Gathering of Hopes' is their third album. They're an electronic outfit as you might expect. They refer on their one-sheet and also their website to "coldwave", a genre name I haven't heard used in quite a while. To me, it's basically EBM/Dark Electro with some elaboration. Of course, you'll hear nods to Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Signal Aout 42, Neon Judgement, Portion Control, and a slew of other bands in that mode. Vocalist Chesko sings in that typical cold style when he isn't trying to be overly emotive, and when he out!! Hey, at least he sings in English and doesn't use distorted effects on his voice, a plus as far as I'm concerned. The synth work and percussion/drums are competent but not particularly innovative. Most songs are fairly standard geared for the dancefloor numbers with nothing in particular standing out. Decent club fodder. There are some exceptions though, both good and bad. First is "The Doll", likely the outstanding track on the album; great beat, nice groove, simple and straight-forward, good lyrics, an excellent dark dance number. Then there is title track "The Gathering of Hopes". The album cover ties into the theme of children being the future, and thus, "the gathering of hopes". Ches's overwrought and melodramatic vocals on this lumbering track are sure to be a target for the cynical, but I won't go there. "Follow Me" is a rather simple but effective low key (mostly) instrumental tune that has a bit of tension to it. I could see it used in some espionage themed TV show. Another instrumental, "A Tale From the Crypt" uses syncopated xylophone to conjure an image of dancing skeletons. Reminded me of Kraftwerk. Final track "Feeling Sad (R.I.P.)" is an all-purpose piano-based funeral dirge and eulogy - "I'm feeling, a great soul has passed away...nothing will ever be the same." Allrightee then. Conclusion- some of Der Klinke's work on this album is good for dark dance clubs, but if they ever want to make it out of their local niche, the band needs to up their game and songwriting considerably.

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