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Artist: Edvard Graham Lewis
Title: All Under
Format: CD
Label: Editions Mego (@)
Rated: *****
Even though the two concomitant albums by Wire bassist Edvard Graham Lewis got released in summer by Editions Mego, European winter or colder temperatures sound the best environmental setting in order to appreciate them and particularly "All Under", the most experimental one. The two long-lasting title-tracks, which have been composed as a score for the meaningful namesake short-film by Gunilla Leander, are as immersive as that movie where six naked bodies (4 men and 2 women) fight underwater: the most astonishing aspect of both "All Under (Film Score)" and "All Under (Installation Loop)" is the fact that he just winged the entrancing gurgles of the first and the glacial out-of-time drone and the icy sonic transmissions of the latter, which let you surmise an indepth panache and an almost maniacal research on sounds, in real time by means of a sampler and FX processing. While the following "The Eel Wheeled", where the grime voice by Lewis spout one of his obscure Florida-inspired spy story that could resemble radiophonic tales, dusts a certain industrial aesthetics off, the final 18-minutes lasting "No Show Godot" reprises the cinematic hook of "All Under" as it was composed as the delusional soundtrack for an imaginary sci-fi movie that got suggested by the typical noise of the film rolling inside old projectors, which feeds the entrancing ambient introduction of the track before it get blunter and blunter till wisely altered rhythmical patterns unexpectedly rise.

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