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Artist: Rapoon
Title: Fall of Drums
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Rated: *****
In the cover this 'this album marled a return to analog and mixing outside the box' and, as this reviewer was unhappy of the latest release of this historic project, this sounds as a return to the form that Robin Storey pioneered in his long career. This is also marked by his return to Middle East's ethnic rhythms and his evoking ghosts.
When the drums of 'A gallery of crows' starts there's suddenly a flavor of all the previous release unfolding with his hypnotic and charming beauty. The drones and samples of 'beneath and beyond' creates a static, but not boring, soundscape. The loops of 'upstarts and sheep' are slowly colored and submerged by the drones. The last track 'the heat beguiles' is almost half of this release, clocking over half an hour, and start with voices' loop and the drones slowly ends with the down of the echoed samples creating an hunting but peaceful atmosphere, thanks to echo effects reminiscent of dub technics, and when the drones and the echoed samples slowly evolve in a cohesive unity this tracks emerge as the centre of this release.
From an esthetic point of view there's anything new on this release but is a charming release from one of the most important names in the field. A stunning return to form.

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