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Artist: The Danse Society
Title: If I were Jesus/ Sound of Silence
Format: 7"
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
"If I were Jesus" is the newest double A side single from The Danse Society. It's quite a long time that Maethelyiah is the new singer and she and Paul at the moment are the stablest band members since the 2011 reformation. I've reviewed their two albums and "If I were Jesus"/"Sound Of Silence" is an appetizer of what is coming. The main song is a perfect tune for this period as it's a critic to the commercial X-mas. I'm not saying that Maeth turned catholic, because as far as I know by reading what she writes she's pagan, so the meaning of the lyrics are an exhortation to people to change their habitude and to connect themselves to their human side. Musically the song alternates tense ambiences where Maeth is in front, to sound explosions where Paul's guitar roars and the drums sound like a blast. "Sound Of Silence" is on the other side and it's a tough of a cover to play, because the atmosphere is everything. In this case, The Danse Society opted for a mid tempo in balance from goth and rock which mix the right dose of despair and energy. The single will be available as limited violet 7" around February 2015 but you can purchase it right now and getting the digital files in the meantime.

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