Music Reviews

Artist: Loss (@)
Title: Sick
Format: CD
Label: Ant-Zen (@)
Rated: *****
From the beginning, I remembered why I love Loss so much. Crackling noise mixed with beautifully lush synth melodies dominate this album. 'Perdition,' a 9 minute long instrumental track, sets the stage, but is not as ominous as previous outings. When 'The (Broken) Promise Ring' kicks in with the expected distorted vocals, we know that we're in for a ride down into the depths of Dan Fox's damaged psyche. As the label explains this album, this is 'a fresh aural facsimile of his feelings, imagination and passion, transmuting pain, sorrow, love and hate into a powerful sonic ride.' Although the vocals are generally distorted beyond recognition, it seems that Loss uses them more as atmosphere; the content doesn't matter in those moments. Or, perhaps, he is keeping back some of the content, because there is some clarity that peeks through, as with 'Session 02' in which he describes a sense of loneliness and nothingness. There is also an interesting variety here; for example, 'False Impressions' has an almost Middle Eastern vibe at times. But the music takes center stage on this release, with much less emphasis on tortured vocals. 'Despondency,' for example, is an epic instrumental full of emotion. Despite the album title of 'Sick,' there seems to be some small sliver of hope in these compositions. Or perhaps it is just resignation. I prefer to think it's the former though. For those who have criticized the unintelligible vocals on his tracks, this is the answer. This is Loss at his most melodic, his most beautiful. This album weighs in at around 61 minutes.

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