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Artist: Gilles Aubry (@)
Title: The Amplification Of Souls
Format: CD + Book
Label: ADOCS Verlag (@)
Rated: *****
In spite of the religion-related subject, this interesting release by Swiss sound-artist Gilles Aubry is not an act of proselytism at all as it's closer to the concept of audio documentary. The two immersive tracks come from the explorations he led in Christian charismatic churches in Kinshasa, the capital city of Democratic Republic of Congo: the first 30-minutes lasting "Amplification of Souls" is a sort of immersive collage that combines a large number of elements that vividly render the cultural environment such as amplified sermons from rough speakers, surrounding noises of car engines, clamours, moments of fervor, a series of "halleluja" and "jesus" for soundchecking and other religious chants that come from distorting megaphones, exhausted worshippers or fanatical preachers, while the second 34-minutes lasting track "Amplified Souls" mainly includes collective prayers, overheated predications and speaking-in-tongues that he recorded at the Libambu Ministry Church in Kinshasa. One of the aural aspect of the record that struck me most was the distortion from loudspeakers that got used by proselytizers, which sound like a key-element of the religious experience, whose importance got explained in details by musicologist and cultural anthropologist Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt in the 80-pages book which integrates the release: "In Distortion is Truth (Poss 1998), distortion is perceived as enriching sound. Distortion creates sound, the enriched broadcast, the well-inteded gift, which the charismatic movements have quite appropriated for themselves as a amatter of course. The noise and distortion envelop everything with a patina, which also generates an aura" and "It is a proven sonic fact: if you want the signal to burn, then use a distorter. If you want to animate people to run out, if you want to inspire people to rapid transformation and to spread the gospel, then do not use a laidback, saturated sonorous sound texture. The latter only works when - as in the morning devotion on Deutschlandradio - the aim is to incite a depp emotional response. Amplification, distortion, and echoes are co-composers They dynamize, replicate, and complete the motivational ideas to form a holistic entity". This is just a part of the interesting analysis of this release by Ismaiel-Wendt, who wisely examines many aspects of this aural document by proposing a number of guessed connection with other contemporary musical stuff as well. The book also includes an explicatory interview with Gilles Aubry by Christof Haffter as well as a number of text fragments and photos by Gilles himself.

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