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Artist: Paul van Dyk (@)
Title: Global
Format: DVD
Label: Mute (@)
German composer, producer and pioneer of the electronic music club scene Paul Van Dyk celebrates a decade of activity with Mute's release of "Global" a nicely packaged folding DVD+CD digipack featuring 13 tracks available as separate tracks or as one continuous mix (in stereo and 5.1), both as audio only and as audio+video. The tracks are powerful, refreshing, happy and majestic and include "We Are Alive", "Seven Ways", "Forbidden Fruit", "Beautiful Place", "Another Way", "Tell Me Why", "Step Right On", "Words", "Together we will Conquer", "A Magical Moment", "For an Angel", "Animacion" (from the Mexican film Zurdo), "My World". The DVD itself is fantastic for its truly global content. An exciting travelogue witnessing PVD's globetrotting experiences through cities such as NY, SF, LA, Miami, Tokyo, Bangkok, Mexico City, Ibiza, Berlin and in the UK with footage of fans and their statements, plain travelling, concerts and performances (inluding Berlin's Love Parade, the British GateCrasher open air, PVD's label Vandit night, Amnesia, Christopher Street Day and so on)... Besides some unexplained level changes in the DVD and the fact that some footage reminds of the lame MTV generation, the proof that electronic music does work as a universal language, no matter what cultural background you are from, lays within the almost two hours of frenetic, involving, pumping audio and imaginary of "Glabal". For those who want more, there are also several video clips, commercials, film trailers, an interview and a Mac/PC Flash animation. Truly impressive and awesome at the same time. Rarely has rave culture, electronic music, techno/trance dancefloors merged so well and been so compelling at the same time. It just pulls you along! Top notch stuff!

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