Music Reviews

Artist: Jenn Vix (@)
Title: 3
Format: CD
Label: Umbrella Music Co. (@)
Enter the matrix where darkness, the future, and dreams collide in one single clash. Jenn Vix third release "3" is a powerful brilliant album. This is my very first time hearing about this one woman electro-darkwave act. Her music is so captivating and will pull you into another diminsion. Another time, another place, which will draw you in the future. Music so extraordinary with a dark and futuristic feel. The young lady in her twenties is inspire by The Cure, Gary Numan, and Siousie and The Banshees. You can tell by listening to the structure and design the music is composed and arranged. Morelikely, it's Gary Numan meets Siousie and The Banshees. Jenn's voice is strong which brings out the emotional feel throughout the songs like "Stuck", an electro mid-tempo beat with sweet piano melody, soft dark bassline with a Cure edge, and guitar strumming beautifully altogether. "Open Your Eyes" is a dream-like state track. Smooth soft synths and bassline that have the Clan Of Xymox feel. There is also a guitar version. A hard hitting track "Broken Angels Singing", which been on my playlist couple of times at the club spinning resembles Siousie and The Banshees style. A nightmarish tune with a gothic twist. "Wires And A Dream" and the instrumental "Nimbus" have that Gary Numan future atmospheric sound. Both tracks can go extremely well to a sci-fi motion picture soundtrack. Another instrumental "Electronic Tribute to Toshiro Mifune" is indeed possible for an anime soundtrack. If Sam Rosenthal heard this self release album, he'll probaly want to sign Jenn Vix right away because her music absolutely fits for his Projekt darkwave label. "3" is an remarkable established well done cd. A sci-fi fore tale about dreams and seeing the future while being plugged and hook up with wires. This idea reminds me of the movie The Matrix.

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