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Artist: Adriano Orrù (@)
Title: Palimpsest
Format: CD
Label: pan y rosas (@)
Rated: *****
The concept behind this interesting collaborative release by double-bass player Adriano Orru' is summarized by its title: "Palimpsest" doesn't refer to tv or show schedule as the word to describe it derives from the same Latin word, but to the scratches which were made on old parchment manuscripts in order to rewrite on them. Likewise that operation, this release comes the overlapping of improvisations on previously recorded improvisations on electric bass by other musicians. Besides this p2p-like compositional technique, which has already been widely used in electronic music even if it's quite orginal in the field of electroacoustic improvisation, the most remarkable aspect is the way the following inserts highlights or mutates Adriano's inputs and I suggest a proactive listening to anyone who are going to have a listen to it by trying to mntally separate the electric bass parts from the following layer before focusing on their amalgamation. The inputs I liked a lot are the ones by brilliant Portuguese musician Paulo Chagas who shows a versatility that I already appraised on a release he co-signed on Creative Sources by keying his soprano sax to the oblique slides of "Bortadie", by let his bass clarinet stressing the path Adriano traces on "Chant and by emphasizing the spiritual tension of "On Different Shores" and the final "Haze" on flute. The scrapes by composer and pianist Silvia Corda are likewise interesting, particularly the one on the slightly neurotic "Ostinato" and the narrative "The Rain Tree Under The Rain", one of those track where listener should try that "detaching" attempt in order to appreciate the magnifying lens that following musicians put between the draft and their musical hand, while many followers of Chain DLK will supposedly appreciate the duets with Mauro Sambo (samples, electronics, marimba, tibetan bell, gong) as it seems that he focused on the concept of "scraping" by means of the wider palette of simulated sounds and suggestions that electronics could provide whereas Adriano's electric bass sounds more "scraped" as well. The release is available as a free download as well here:

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