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Artist: Penal Colony
Title: Unfinished Business
Format: CD
Label: DSBP Records
Distributor: DSBP Records
What do you get if you mix up Liam Lynch’s rants, Nine Inch Nails style industrial rock minus Trent’s often forced warbling of pain, William Burroughs and a sense of DIY aesthetic that makes you think that this could come from a Belmont/Clark type music scene? This would be the bastard child of that mix, creating industrial rock and many other elements in the mix for the thinking man. One moment dancey, the next is kinda like hard rock for the dancefloor, with plenty of DIY midi-fed sequences in between. This is a bit like the step Mr. Reznor should have taken after "Downward Spiral" (which of course came the awful whiny booty-funk of "The Fragile"), with a more fun edge than I think NIN ever had. Not to mention some of the most creative titles in quite a while. Of particular note are Falling Down The Stairs (Scotch and Water Remix),and the Strike Down remix of the title track. Fun fun fun for the goofier side of the industrial rock spectrum! Rating: 10

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