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Sep 05 2003
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Artist: Aghast View
Title: Drifter
Format: CD
Newest CD single from Brazil’s finest, who’s made also for one of the hardest hitting industrial acts in the last decade. With this one, the hard industrial elements of old are pretty much gone, giving this group some more room to grow and progress with newfound elements of trance, electro and hard electronica. And gone also are the vocal distortions, given way to some light vocal treatments here and there. But the key difference between this dance floor filler and the thousands of backwater acts trying to do nothing more than fill dance floors is the complex amount of layering in the sequences and the complexity of the song in general, with the general layout of the sequences and synth lines changing in a rather fluctuating manner from note to note in a very trance manner. It’s kinda classical sounding when you sit and analyze the key usage and the fingering on the synth lines, actually. It’s not too unlike the kind of manner Deine Lakaien uses their synth patterns as well. The Funker Vogt dance remix is well, dancey, as is to be expected with Funker Vogt, but not straying too far from the original at all, just adding that signature Funker Vogt bass-kick pattern to the mix. A lot fo the CD is based pretty much around the dance floor, but does have a good deal of depth to it versus a lot of what you hear on the dancefloor these days. I’m more into the industrial stuff like "Carcinopest" (one of the CDs I hold up to any industrial band as a major standard) myself, but this is a pretty welcome intro into their electro-dance phase, and a great stage in their growth. Rating: 10.

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