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Title: Mutual Hallucination Project
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Mathbat (@)
The Membrane Conspiracy is a project conducted by Sean M. Hopp who sometimes is helped by some collaborators. This MCD has been released by his own Mathbat Records and it seems that it will be also released as a proper silver CD anytime soon. The eight tracks, during the twenty minutes of length of the disc, span through different styles of experimental music. Tracks like "All My Demon Lovers" make me remember of some old Clint Ruin/Foetus tracks, with their characteristic crawling sound and the guttural whispered vocals. Also the lyrics are interesting and a phrase like: "You are all the destiny of consciousness lost amongst the insects gently fucking in the breeze" makes of that, one to remember. The following track "Dream Death" is like a sort of cut up of a deranged acoustic ballad while "Byzantium And America" is a mix between a cut up of devilish origin and a Virgin Prunes sick song. Sean in twenty four minutes is capable of catch your attention by creating sick moments full of tension and the mixture of particular sounds and treated/whispered vocals makes you forget the lack of melodies or everything else. If you're into experimental stuff, MUTUAL HALLUCINATION PROJECT could be the soundtracks of your hidden thoughts.

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