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Artist: Annulled User
Title: AnnulledUser02
Format: 12"
Label: self-released
Distributor: Re.Birth
Rated: *****
As you can easily gather from its title, AU02 is just the second of a hat-trick of (available only on vynil) releases by Annulled User, a screen name, which masks the real identity of these artists - I think they are more than one as the sonorities of this second ring are slightly different from the ones of the first drop "Ending" - arises from a sad but true realization: "The end user has now become obsolete. We are just an entity that sell goods. We are not the target but on the contrary a mean to make profit". Well, such an idea is not new at all, as I remember that some free thinkers made provocative but somehow enlightened proposal of paying people just to use ordinary things such as clothes, cars, shoes, mobile phones and so on on the assumption that homogenisation turned people into living placards, but it's quite logical the style they've chosen to set contemporary decadence to music: all the tracks of this release, whose meaningful titles ("Society Failure", "Economy Failure" and "World Collapse") sticks to such a conceptual framework or concrete nightmare, features swirling obsessive techno grooves, a stressed sonic chafing and viscuous bleeps, which sounds like a bittersweet and soemwhat hebephrenic invitation to dance over the ashes of mankind, where many people cannot do more than getting overwhelmed by streams of dazing solicitation which could let lose their marbles in spite of the global decay is running fast.

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