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Artist: Metalycée (@)
Title: Expat Blues
Format: 12"
Label: Interstellar Records (@)
Rated: *****
The sinister and fascinating sound of Telharmonium, the electromechanical organ developed by Thaddeus Cahill more than a century ago, immediately sets the mood on the opening track of "Expat Blues", the third album by Austrian project Metalycee. which inserted one of the forefathers of synthetic instruments in their line-up and I have to highlight that such a choice doesn't misfit their style at all. It rather emphasizes the catching tone of their songs to such an extent that it could surmise the forgotten tradition of radiophonic tales. Besides putting the evocative voice of Melita Jurisic in the limelight, Metalycee's tales don't weave plots about adventurous love affairs, schmaltzy proto-soap radio operas or martian attacks, but sounds like portraying sweltering urban settings, ghoulish borderline entities, suffocating diving into miry ponds of conformed society, strategies of escapism and self-liberation and other psychodramas which reaches the best moments on tracks like the oppressive "Ballad of the Half Orphan", the tormented compulsiveness of "Torturer", the shaking jeremiad of "Everything" and the tricky mirage of emancipation that gushes from the final "The Right Track". The eminent forefather of synths squirms into clots of hard-hitting abrasive rock, gunky electronics, nettlesome trip-hop hooks and clattering grooves which could surmise some stuff by Metalycee's fellow countrymen Sofa Surfers, whose make is so good that some listeners could hope they won't wait five years before coming back on the scene, even if everybody knows that good dough requires long leavening times...

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