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Artist: Quentin Hiatus (@)
Title: Conspirators EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Free Love Digi
Rated: *****
The guide of the great master Sophos seems to have inspired very good musical eureka moments to Arizona-based dnb producer Quentin Hiatus as you can check on this amazing tidbit that comes after his likewise enjoyable self-made album "It's Only". Besides the opening "Nyctophilia" whose enlightened lyrics from MC Kryptomedic seem to have been the sparkling that triggered this release by portraying the figure of a possible contemporary mystical insurgent, whose thought-provoking spikes got echoed by grim aural mist and scuttling hi-hats, which could resemble some stuff by Fanu, The Upbeats or talented newcomers Dark Manoeuvres, the other three tracks came out of pure experimental process, according to Quentin's own words: the mellow female vocals got combined with attractive synths and course half-time grooves both on "New Spirit" and "Hear Me", while Quentin accelerates percussive particles and crams sci-fi-like synth pads on the final "Don't Touch That", the most interesting hybrid of drum'n'bass and EDM of this release which could inspire a passing fancy for conspirators on this confused planet.

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