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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Munich Style Battle
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Broque
Distributor: Beatport
Rated: *****
After listening the five versions of "Munich Style Battle", a song which portrays the Bavarian metropolis by means of the sonic filters of five voices of Munich musical underground, it's not easy to say if its lyrics could belong to a declaration of love or hatred instead as well as the spoken words come from an alienated mind or rather a soul which is so assimilated by that urban life to understand its inner dynamics where sounds move the compass needle towards differnet emotional poles in this bipolar suite: the opening "City of Dekadenz" version by The Hermit highlights the paranoid nuances of the lyrics by means of a clipped downbeat, dreary whistle-like sounds in sync with the noise of means of urban transport before the less anxious final stanza while the toytronic electro-pop of the following "Pop City" version by Heiko "Granlab" Schwanz sounds like a freshet which follows the initial semidarkness. Dirk Martin Lamprecht, one leg of netlabel Grunfeld Tontrager, draws an aesthetically pleasing electronic dub movement - close to some stuff by Daniel Meteo or Fenin - from the city that according to speaker's words "skips the beat" where "the river in the middle, people disunited, silent line of life, always moves on", while dusky resonances come back on the following "Munich Bells" version by Volker Selzner which precedes the bipolar neutrality of spoken words and field recordings of social life on the final "City Of My Heart" by Zweileen. Munich: city of their hearts.

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