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Artist: Philipp Quehenberger
Title: Content
Format: 12"
Label: Editions Mego
Rated: *****
I'm pretty sure that some spiteful reviewers, who often label a record after listening 10/15 seconds of the first 2-3 tracks of an album, or hoity-toity listeners puckishly will be quick to say this record by Austrian producer Philipp Quehenberger is just a wink at techno or electro followers by Editions Mego as the content of "Content" - seven years after his first appearance on Rehberg's label four years after his amazing release "Hazard" on Laton, that I already introduced on this zine - is richer in inputs. The first tracks sound like already digested sonic cuds, but there are some nice moments such as the opening "Deadline", where loop and frequencies are like reagents of a reciprocal erosion, the course track-laying sonorities of "Fucked" and "Uff Uff", which vaguely resemble some stuff by T.Raumschmiere, or "In Sight", which gets closer to more slaphappy offbeat electro (imagine a more abstract declension of Dat Politics stuff), while it seems that the friction coefficient increases on the last tracks so that the lunatic spasms of "Startled", the neural knurls of "Extended", whose basslines could be similar to what you would associate to the belch of a fat toad, and the final cruise of "For Real" are my favorite moments of the release. After listening to "Content", you will think that stubborn stains could sometimes look spick-and-span!

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