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Artist: Vindicare (@)
Title: Pathfinder
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: AnalogueTrash Records (@)
Distributor: Trashdigital
Rated: *****
After the release of the Scottish Futurepop-project Advance and the Hardcore-/Industrial-Powerhouse Syd.31 earlier this year, UK-based Electronica label AnalogueTrash Records returns with a two-track teaser of the DJ/producer Addz Milner. Milner has been an active part into electronic music in different projects since 2006. His Vindicare-project he has been established in 2011 and can be sorted into the wide field of Techno-/Psy-Trance-driven music styles. Although this 2-tracker can't be seen as relevant enough to finally judge on his talent and the quality behind Vindicare, Milner's talent shines trough especially with the original composition of 'Pathfinder'. It's a quite accessible tune with driving kick and snares, lots of cool filter runs, ominous voice samples and enough breaks to keep it diverse and layered. The original version offers more inspiration and maturity compared to the additional 'Club Remix' of the same track. The 'Club Remix' reduces the musically content on the most constant elements, bass-line sequences and rhythm-/percussion-work. This one works excellent in the clubs, although already the original version beats the hell out of the boots when the masses conquer the dancefloors. It's all in all a quite good and quality produced example in this special music style, which keeps the hopes high for a soon to be released full-length album.

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