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Artist: No.Inc.
Title: Early Reflections
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: No.
Rated: *****
This is just the first half of the first physical release on newborn label by No.Inc., the collaborative project by Atom TM and Modular Object, and is available as a digital download since last May, but it can be an evidence of the sonic grounds or the sonic portions of sky these talented sound-artists willingly explore. The first of the seven parts which opens this cosmic suite could render that sensation of being inside a space shuttle after losing its bearings and cruising over pitch dark vacuum. The occasional meeting with resounding elements such as shimmering cosmic glassophones, a sort of crossbreed between celesta and harpsichord, which appears in the first minutes of the third part and draws stark melodic lines, synth-brass secretions and other vibrations which got wisely agglutinated in the drone-like mantle that gradually blanket listeners, could come from outer or inner space as if they were hallucinogen contrails of some astral body or visions from inner depths during this mesmeric bathing into a sort of Lily's isolation tank. I'll check the second part of this release, "Refraction", which should be more rhythmical, but this impressive suite, which is closer to some isolationist stuff from FAX - some sombre moments of the record let me imagine that this suite could be considered a sort of dirge in memory of the late lamented label boss Pete Namlook whom both artists met and worked with -, could fulfill listener's expectations.

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