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Artist: Mare di Dirac (@)
Title: Tupilaq
Format: CD
Label: Greytone (@)
Rated: *****
According to the linear notes Tupilak is "an assembly of various objects fabricated by shamanism for ritualistic chants" and this could be an hint that this relase deals with
a spiritual view of sound. The more evident aspect unifying the tracks is the methodic use of the resonances of the instruments so leaving the doubt if there's an electronic
manipulation or it's the use of extended tecniques.
The initial sharp notes of "Umlat" start this release with a drone, apparently from didgeridoo, that set the atmosphere of track upon metallic resonances. The opening sax of "Thecomposition" is the infrastructure for a complex texture made out of field recordings, string instruments and bells and gradually fades out to let a cello close the track. The resonances of the percussions of "Unhz" construct a piece of an impressive tension drowned in an almost quiet background that develops in an almost static drone. "Sintensi Aborigena" is on a didgeridoo, or at least it sounds like, dialoguing with the percussions, in the first part, the field recordings, in the second part, and, at last, it ends
changing his timbre, as with extended tecnique. "Granular Rite" ends this release with the juxtaposition of slowly changing notes from string instruments upon a quiet
soundscape, generating a dialogue between a quiet background and a menacing foreground.
This italian collective has released an amazing album full of demanding music for courious ears and lies in the threshold between mimimal, experimental and ritual music. Highly Recommended.

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