Music Reviews

Artist: Mesektet
Title: Towards A Bleak Sun
Format: CD
Label: Cold Spring (@)
Rated: *****
This album is presented as an 'Ancient Egypt inspired, monolithic drone/dark ambient' but the drones features in this release seems too focused on their exterior impact than in a proper musical meaning that tries to emerge in a field with too many artists working with the same palette.
The deep drone of 'Aken' opens this release evoking an void habitat and 'Silent Giants' and 'Sea Of Dust' continue in this musical path revealing a musical research completely focused on sound. 'Burial Of The Sun' starts to reveal a form of musical development while 'Hollow Monoliths' return to more static soundscape. In the same vein, 'Forgotten Tomb' closes this release.
Technically well constructed, this album is perhaps too focused on minimal timbral development than on a focused musical development or in an engaging soundscape. Only for fans or collectors.

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