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Artist: Aeoga (@)
Title: Temple Treye
Format: CD
Label: Aural Hypnox (@)
Rated: *****
The piercing sound of a theremin on the opening track (or I'd better call refer to tracks as "telemorphic sonic formations", as they call them) "Feast Of The Stance" instantly immerses the listener into the hallucinatory sacredness of the listening experience that Finnish duo Aeoga provides on this entrancing release. Its pealing resonances as well as the sepulchral afterglows on the following "Between The Crescent Hooks" seem to evoke the reawakening of dormant supernatural being, whose first yawning got hailed by hypnotical tribal drums, and could mark the resurgence of this project, even if "Temple Treye" was already recorded and performed on live stage in 2006 and got de-iced after eight years of hibernation by Aural Hypnox, the discographic display of the artists of the Helixes collective and their thelemic entities. The menacing opacity of lo-fi synth murmuring and the crystalline tinkling of "Telemorphic Cuts" draws obscure diagrams around listeners before the spooky roaring, the ominous pace and the other-worldy invocations of "Temple Treye" lets distinguish its appalling lineaments, where the vividly sketched ascetic exaltation of this sort of sonic rite becomes blurred on the magnetic soup of "Transparallel Mist" and reveals unexpected phosphorescences on the final "Feast Of Te Trance", the conclusive phase of an unmissable release for lovers of drone-like dark-ambient sonic substances.

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