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Jun 25 2014
Artist: Severed Heads
Title: City Slab Horror
Format: 12"
Label: Medical Records (@)
Rated: *****
Second Severed Heads' reissue on Medical Records, 'City Slab Horror' was released in 1985 always by Ink Records. On this release the band increased the electronic parts they started to use on "Since The Accident". Now the loops and the treated vocals are used to enrich the rhythm texture. On the twelve tracks of the album, Severed Heads added melodic lines here and there but always keeping the overall dark atmosphere. After a quick intro titled "Spasm", we have "Spastic Crunch", a tune base on obsessive drum machine beats, razor like guitar riffs, industrial synth stabs and treated vocals. Someway it sign the new course which follows with "Spitoon Thud", where we have vocal chants over hypnotic three notes guitar loops along with industrial like rhythms. "4WD" almost has a song structure with vocals and all. Rhythmic experimentation come with "Ayoompteyempt" and on "The Bladders Of A Thousand Bedoin" turns into an exotic voyage that went bad. "Now An Explosive New Movie" with Garry Bradbury on vocals, it's a catchy dark industrial song and it pairs with another dance friendly oriented song: "We Have Come To Bless This House". We can find the highest point into dance attitude on "Goodbye Tonsils", which is a particular one with upbeat hard beats, vocal recitative parts and a melodic hook. As for the previous LP, this one has been out of print for a long time and for this reissue has been remastered by Tom Ellard form the original source masters. Presented on high-quality 180 gram heavyweight bone white vinyl. Features bonus LP insert compiled by Tom Ellard with ephemera from the time. You can check it here

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