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Artist: Paulo J Ferreira Lopes
Title: Feeze
Format: CD
Label: atrito-afeito (@)
Rated: *****
I was unfamiliar with this Montreal-based Portuguese artist, but he has worked with a host of choreographers, multimedia artists, filmmakers, sound and visual artists, vocalists, and musicians. The label, which is run by Lopes and longtime collaborator pianist Karoline Leblanc, had little commentary on this disc, so let's dive in to the music. This is some interesting electronic music that is difficult to classify. At times it is noisy ('Recept', Destino'), other times it relies on heavy, pulsating drone ('Eventualidade', 'Norte'), and still other times it has a kind of glitchiness that is endearing ('Premonition', 'Capsule', 'Post'). However, at other times it just went on a bit too long without really going anywhere ('Transeunt'). Still, if you like your music with a lot of noisy electronic blips and bleeps, this is made just for you. I didn't find this album to be something that would be too far out there for more mainstream listeners who are just getting into edgier music. It's challenging, of course, but this isn't an Ant-Zen release from Merzbow. Not a bad introduction to the artist or the label. This album weighs in at around 39 minutes and limited to 150 copies.

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