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Artist: Eveson (@)
Title: Grey Dawn ft.Halogenix/A Dystopian Romance/Deluge
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Ingredients (@)
Rated: *****
In spite of the fact Alex Eveson signed so many remarkable tunes that made him gain a solid reputation as a master of more liquid vein of drum'n'bass palpitating heart, Ingredients pushers maybe can't imagine that he could release three proper jewels when Broe asked to join the digital series after he listened to Eveson's guest mix on Bailey's show or maybe he did so that he asked to bring some tunes about. The first tune they received was "A Dystopian Romance", whose airy synths, deviously bright nuances and challenging rhythmical pattern follow the contrails of some tracks of his excellent album "The Last Summer OF Love" on V Records. Soon after this first drop, he called Ivy Lab's Halogenix and they forged "Grey Dawn", a tune which sounds really dystopian and eerily foggy over a carpet of dry hitting drums and warm bass. The icing on the cake is the final "Deluge", where Eveson injected softer sonorities and atmospheric breaks as well as the bittersweet feeling of a declaration of love from a distant and almost forgotten person who decided to phone you in the middle of the night. This unmissable tidbit is going to be released in the beginning of July. Check it out!

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